Friday, May 4, 2012


"…takes the reader to Sudan where good and evil battle on the pages in a haze of yellow dust."
—The Island Sounder (read full article here)

"Who knew that Vienna and McLean were such hotbeds of international intrigue? For starters, prominent suspense writers John Gilstrap and Patricia Cornwell did, and now, McLean’s Karetta Hubbard and co-author Molly Best Tinsley know that, too."
—The Connection Newspaper (read full article here)

"Taut and perceptive, Satan’s Chamber is a spy novel with punch that sweats the details. It delivers the action with intelligence, wit, and style."
—Gardner Peckham, former member, National Commission on Terrorism, consultant to the CIA

"Satan’s Chamber hooks you right out of the chute and takes you to Khartoum, Sudan, where good and evil battle in a haze of yellow dust. Engrossing geopolitical intrigue…great book!"
—Captain Thomas A. Myers (USN-Ret)

"Satan’s Chamber inserts Tory Pierce, an inexperienced CIA operative, into the present dangers and mythical past of Sudan. Personal quest becomes political awakening and demands daring tactics, as this complex world explodes beyond Sudanese borders. Add this one to your must-read list of adventure thrillers."
—Commander Laureen Mahoney (USN-Ret)

"Tory Pierce is no James Bond. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact it’s sort of the point. Satan’s Chamber, (Fuze Publishing) a new spy thriller by Molly Best Tinsley and Karetta Hubbard, turns the genre’s macho clichés inside out in a world in which many of the spooks- especially the good guys- are women."
—Book review by Bill Varble, Oregon Mail Tribune, 8/30/2009 (Read full article here)

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